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How we can help

Our comprehensive solutions feature cutting-edge tools and frameworks to cover every aspect of your digital journey. 

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Strategic Advisory

We provide strategic advisory to drive growth and innovation, assisting clients with cloud and technology strategy, tech due diligence for M&A, digital modernisation and transformation, and data governance.


The HorizonX approach to understanding your business environment ensures our solutions align with your objectives, delivering pragmatic, technologically advanced results that unlock your organisation’s potential and generate real business value. 

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Software Delivery

We deliver scalable, robust, and cost-effective cloud-native solutions, ensuring success the first time, every time. Our specialised services include end-to-end software delivery, multi-cloud solutions, and cloud-native design and architecture.  


The HorizonX approach guarantees pragmatic, technologically advanced results that unlock your organisation’s potential and drive real business value. 

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Data and AI Solutions

We empower organisations to leverage data and AI for a competitive edge. Our expertise spans the entire data lifecycle, building modern, secure, and reliable data infrastructures that support advanced analytics and business intelligence. With extensive experience in foundational technology skills and AI integration, we help clients achieve complex analytics and reporting functions that drive real business value.

The HorizonX approach ensures robust security, precision, and dependability in data-driven transformations, guiding clients to develop and implement comprehensive data empowerment strategies. 

Serene Horizon



Our Expertise: Trust HorizonX to unlock digital potential, gain a competitive edge, and drive growth. Let us guide you through the digital landscape with precision and expertise. 


Strategic Advisory

Navigate complex tech landscapes with expert guidance to ensure strategic alignment and optimal technology utilisation.


Cloud-Native Solutions

Enhance scalability and efficiency with modern, cloud-native applications designed for your unique business needs.


Scalable Data Platforms

Ensure robust data management with scalable platforms that support your growth and data-driven decisions.


Innovative AI Services

Drive innovation with intelligent automation and insights, transforming your operations and customer experiences.

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Driven by Results


Technology due diligence projects completed


Cloud Migration Strategies delivered


Data & Analytics projects managed


Software Deliveries


Cloud Native platforms across Google, Azure & AWS

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