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Data and AI Solutions

Transforming Business Through Data 
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How we can help

At HorizonX, we empower organisations to leverage data for a competitive edge, covering the entire data lifecycle from analytics to cloud-native platforms. Our expertise includes the development of modern data infrastructures that support advanced analytics and business intelligence, ensuring security, accuracy, and reliability. 


We deliver comprehensive data-driven solutions such as scalable MLOps platforms, real-time financial insights, and improved demand forecasting. By maximising data investments and evaluating AI maturity, we enable digital leaders to drive strategic advancements and informed decision-making. 

Desert Highway




Initiation and Discovery

Our senior consultants conduct thorough business analysis to ensure tailored and impactful solutions. 


Sprint Planning Workshops 

Engaging your team in collaborative workshops, we align our efforts and define the project roadmap. 


Metrics for Success 

Utilising data and analytics, we set clear, measurable objectives to track progress and ensure successful outcomes. 


Incremental Validation 

We develop small, incremental proofs of concept to validate strategies and reduce risk, keeping stakeholders informed. 


Iterative Delivery 

Executing well-structured sprints, we focus on delivering high-quality software, data, and analytics solutions. 


Continuous Feedback and Improvement 

Establishing robust feedback loops, we measure success and provide ongoing support to continuously enhance business value. 

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Driven by Results


Technology due diligence projects completed


Cloud Migration Strategies delivered


Data & Analytics projects managed


Software Deliveries


Cloud Native platforms across Google, Azure & AWS

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