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The Data Explosion and the critical role of scalable data governance

The term “Data Explosion” captures the immense volumes of data produced today in a rapidly changing and continuously growing digital environment. Driven by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the rate at which data is created is expected to increase exponentially. According to Statista, global data created is projected to grow to more than 180ZB in 2025, up from 65.2ZB in 2020. As companies aim to harness this data to gain valuable insights and drive innovation, robust data governance becomes increasingly crucial. Effective data governance guarantees information security, compliance, and quality.

Infographic with key statistics showcasing the Data Explosion.
The Data Explosion and the critical role of scalable data governance

Businesses are driven to achieve organic growth and get more value from their data assets. Without strong data governance, the transformative potential of this data revolution might be unrealised - highlighting the importance of strategic governance frameworks needed for operating in the current era.

In this upcoming blog series, we will explore the critical role of scalable data governance, focusing on the five core components: Compliance, Security, Privacy, Interoperability and Access.


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