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Assessing Tech Risks: A Guide to Technology Due Diligence

The ability to effectively assess and manage technology-related risks is crucial for securing and enhancing investment value. Technology Due Diligence plays a vital role in this process by providing a structured approach to evaluate the technology assets and capabilities. This guide, powered by HorizonX’s 20+ years ’expertise, outlines how private equity firms can get started with technology due diligence to navigate the complexities of technology in their investment portfolio.

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Here’s a step-by-step approach to getting started with effective technology due diligence :

1. Define Your Technology Due Diligence Objectives

The first step in any due diligence process is to clearly define what you want to achieve. For technology due diligence, this involves identifying the specific technology areas that are critical to the valuation and operation of the target company. This could include software systems, hardware reliability, intellectual property, cybersecurity measures, and compliance with industry regulations.

2. Build a proficient Technology Due Diligence team

Technology due diligence requires a team with expertise in various technology domains. This team should include IT specialists, software engineers, cybersecurity experts, and compliance officers, each bringing a distinct perspective to the evaluation.

3. Review Existing Technology Documentation

Start by gathering and reviewing all available documentation related to the target's technology infrastructure. This includes system architecture diagrams, IT project portfolios, licenses and agreements, maintenance records, and any previous audit reports. Such documents provide a preliminary insight into the tech health of the company.

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4. Conduct a Thorough Technology Audit

With the objectives clear and the preliminary data in hand, conduct a thorough audit of the existing technology systems. This audit should assess the robustness of the IT infrastructure, the efficiency of the software systems, and the effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures in place.

5. Evaluate Intellectual Property (IP) and Compliance

Assessing IP involves evaluating the relevance, coverage, and legal standing of patents, trademarks, and copyrights held by the company. Compliance checks ensure that the technology operations adhere to relevant local and international regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, which can significantly impact the usability and security of technology systems.

6. Understand the Technology Roadmap

Looking into the future is as important as evaluating the present. Understanding the target’s technology roadmap helps assess how prepared the company is for future technological advancements and market demands. This includes planned upgrades, anticipated tech investments, and the adoption of emerging technologies.

7. Report Findings and Strategise

The final step involves compiling the findings into a detailed report that outlines identified risks, opportunities, and recommendations. This report serves as a crucial tool for strategic decision-making, helping PE firms plan post-acquisition integrations, technology investments, or mitigative actions against identified risks.

The Strategic Importance of Technology Due Diligence

Implementing a structured technology due diligence process is not just about mitigating risks; it’s about maximising value. By thoroughly understanding the technological capabilities and vulnerabilities of a target company, private equity firms can better strategise their investments, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage in the market.


Getting started with technology due diligence requires a meticulous approach and deep technological expertise, both of which HorizonX provides. HorizonX specialises in unveiling the technological strengths and vulnerabilities within target companies, ensuring that private equity firms can make informed and strategic investment decisions. The diverse expertise provided by the HorizonX team ensures a comprehensive assessment that covers all technical bases.

HorizonX: Your Strategic Ally in Technology Due Diligence

As your trusted advisor, HorizonX ensures you are well-equipped to assess, manage, and leverage technology to achieve superior investment outcomes.

Reach out to HorizonX to begin your journey in harnessing the full potential of technology due diligence today.



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