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Elevate the Retail Experience

Cutting-edge bespoke retail solutions – from operations to innovation 

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How we empower our clients

We help retail and ecommerce brands with their digital roadmap, given our extensive Retail/eCommerce expertise.


including Omnichannel, Buffer Optimisation, Marketplace, Stock and Inventory Management, Order Management

Technology Capability Upliftment

Data Lake, Streaming, BI and Data Analytics

Loyalty and Rewards

including Offer Personalisation, Targeted Offers, Campaigns

Data Management

Customer Master Data Portal, Three Sixty Degree view of the customer, Data Governance (PII Data)



We specialise in designing and implementing solutions tailored for the retail and eCommerce sectors.

Our services span multiple facets of the retail ecosystem, ensuring that we address your unique challenges and goals.


Understand the business

We will discuss your specific application challenges and requirements. We will identify your key areas, ranging from after-hours cloud management to 24/7 AWS monitoring. Our objective is to ensure that your security remains exemplary at all times.


Help achieve business goals

Once your needs are identified, we will seamlessly integrate you into our support ecosystem, ensuring continuous and comprehensive coverage.


Partner for the future ​

Engage in a dynamic, ever-evolving partnership that grows with your business. Ensure your application support scales as you expand and take advantage of AI and other new technologies.

Retail Solutions Delivered

Our extensive retail experience encompasses solutions across multiple facets of the retail environment.



Solutions that streamline and automate the receiving, processing, and delivery of orders.

Loyalty and Rewards

Innovative solutions that reward repeat customers and enhance brand loyalty.

Product and Inventory Management

Optimised tracking and management solutions to support operational efficiency.

Streaming Analytics

Reliable real-time data analysis solutions for quick decision-making and customer response.

Customer Data Platform

Centralised customer data solutions that offer an intelligent and comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Targeted Marketing

Personalised marketing solutions that help to boost customer engagement and conversions.

Omnichannel Enablement

Integrated sales channels solutions that ensure a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Marketplace and eCommerce Applications

Community centric platforms for multi-vendor sales and direct-to-consumer eCommerce

Data & AI

Sophisticated data analytics and AI solutions for insights and to drive confident decisions, predict trends and personalise.

HorizonX services

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Strategic Advisory

We guide your organisation in making growth-focused, innovative decisions that align with your goals and deliver tangible business value.

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Software Delivery

We provide secure, cutting-edge technology solutions – empowering success and designed for growth.

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Data and AI Solutions

We enable you to harness the latest advancements in Data and AI technology, empowering you to transform your organisation.

With advanced cloud and data engineering solutions, we can deliver unique and dynamic customer experiences essential in today's rapidly evolving retail landscape. Below is a list of partners we work with regularly:​
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Integrate Fluent Commerce's distributed order management system for streamlined order processing and fulfillment.

DBT Labs.png

Leverage dbtlabs for advanced data transformation, governance, and optimisation.


Implement Snowflake's data warehousing solutions for scalable and secure data storage and analytics.


Utilise Fivetran for seamless data integration and automated data pipelines.

google cloud.png

Embrace Google Cloud's scalable infrastructure and AI capabilities for enhanced retail operations and customer insights.


Use DataBricks' data solutions for personalised customer engagement and data-driven marketing strategies.

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