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Success Story

Delivering Technology Due Diligence on an Ad Industry-Changing Deal

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Communications agency makes bold tech. investment

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The Client

In 2021, a leading M&A consulting firm approached HorizonX to help with a hugely important project. One of the world’s largest communications companies, CommunicateCo*, was considering purchasing a next-gen media platform that had taken the retail industry by storm, AdVue360 **.

Taking on an industry-changing deal

AdVue360 was considered to be in a different league because of its global reach. If successful, the acquisition of AdVue360 had the potential to expand CommunicateCo’s customer reach to all corners of the globe, giving its clients self-serve access to:


  • highly targeted ad personalisation

  • real-time ad performance measurement and 

  • instant re-allocation of media spend across online and offline channels. 


AdVue360 features were extremely impressive and, if its reputation was to be believed, could give CommunicateCo a crucial competitive edge – at a time when marketers are under increasing pressure to prove return on their media spend.


But did AdVue360 true capabilities match its hype?

Technology due diligence that goes beyond the hype

Over the next 6 weeks, the HorizonX team performed an in-depth technical due diligence of the AdVue360 platform, analysing its:


  • Platform architecture

  • Software development methodology

  • Codebase, data and platform security

  • Technical debt and roadmap

  • Data Management and Capabilities


Working closely with AdVue360’s CTO, CPO and VP of Technology, HorizonX identified a series of risks, opportunities and suggestions for CommunicateCo to consider in their commercial discussions, including:

  • A lack of complex analytics – a crucial capability for a platform handling huge data sets and giving clients the ability to make quick media spend decisions.

  • Buying additional datasets to create more complete customer profiles and better experiences.

  • A service mesh to handle traffic routing of microservices, freeing up developer time.

Making the right investment easier to spot

HorizonX’s completed report included a detailed competitor analysis, giving CommunicateCo executives a side-by-side comparison of AdVue360 and its other 5 contenders. As well as a full list of recommendations, the report made it clear that AdVue360 had no red flags, would make a sound investment, and help to advance CommunicateCo’s client offerings now and in future.

This was the first technology due diligence CommunicateCo engaged HorizonX to undertake. They were so impressed by HorizonX's approach and finesse that they engaged HorizonX for five more similar global acquisitions.

*/** - Names have been changed due to commercial sensitivities.


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